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Why Laptop Gets Corrupt??

If you are an internet user then you would know that through internet, virus attack our computer and laptop. Malware is the most harmful virus which directly comes to your PC without asking for permission and start damaging your laptop and computer. Detecting these kinds of viruses is not an easy task to execute but now you can perform this function with the help of professional fix my home computer experts.

They Avail Various Services to Computer and Laptop Users:-

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How to Convert Exchange EDB to PST: Suggestions Shared!

Database on Exchange Server gets saved in EDB file. Due to security concerns, this EDB file cannot be used after the defined network or to any Exchange Server. There are times when there is need to export data in EDB file, i.e. the user mailboxes and public folders outside Exchange environment and this is when the query how to convert Exchange EDB to PST comes into a user’s mind. In this segment, we will discuss some of the ideas that will help to move mailboxes or public folder data of EDB file into PST file. 

Method#1: Use OST to PST Technique 

Mailbox data of an individual user gets saved into OST file which gets created when Outlook is configured with Exchange Server (Cached Mode Enabled). Using the Import-Export wizard in Outlook, it is possible to convert an OST file (means an Exchange mailbox) to PST file. This method can be adopted for public folder data as well. 

Method#2: Use Native Tools by Microsoft

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Import Exchange 2003 EDB to 2010

Method To Import Exchange 2003 EDB To 2010

When you need to import Exchange 2003 EDB to 2010 you will have to go through a troublesome situation. Exchange Server 2010 is updated with many new features and thus users jump over latest version of software programs in order to get the latest features. Same happened with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, it gives you a brand new experience with its rich combination of technologies, services and vital features. The main concern of this advance version is reliability, flexibility, accessibility from anywhere, and protection.

Import Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

In case you too are lured with the amazing features of this advance version and looking forward to switch from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and you have your old mailbox you will need to import Exchange 2003 ...


Release LAUDATIO Repository für historische Korpora

Das LAUDATIO-Repository ist ab sofort in einer Beta-Version unter http://www.laudatio-repository.org verfügbar!

LAUDATIO (Long-term Access and Usage of Deeply Annotated Information) ist ein Open Access Forschungsdaten-Repository für historische Korpora. Für den freien Zugriff und eine (Wieder-)Nutzung der linguistischen Daten sind alle Korpora frei unter einer Creative-Commons-Lizenz verfügbar. Alle Wissenschaftler der Linguistik, Historischen Linguistik und Philologie können die Forschungsdaten wie folgt nutzen:

  • Korpora anzeigen,
  • in Dokumenten und Annotationen suchen,
  • Korpora herunterladen
  • und neue und erweiterte Korpora hochladen.

Für die komplexe und umfangreiche Suche in den linguistischen Annotationen wird das Annotations- und Suchwerkzeug ANNIS verwendet. Die Fedora Repository Software bildet die technische Basis für das LAUDATIO-Repository. Für die weitere Entwicklung von ...

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